Monday, May 25, 2009



One word with such a profound meaning on your business, but more importantly, is the impact it has on life in general. For business is not life.

Do you persevere? Are you consistent in your perseverance?

In alot of ways I think of the movie Seabiscuit when I think about my life so far. The stuff I have going on in my life right now is a function of my perseverance.

Before I go into my post about my deals let me just say this.

Perseverance is not done outside of yourself, and is not done with yourself as a complete ally. More often than not--for me at least--the perseverance was necessary because of my own resistance. I had to overcome myself, and in a very real sense, I had to challenge myself enough that I could eventually overcome myself.

Alot of what i do can be made into an analogy with working out. As Arnold says, it all started in the gym, and the same is true for me. Building a quality physique is very similar to building a quality business. Its lonely, its tiring, and it requires dedication many have available, but few are willing to really work at.

You must persevere in the face of plateau, in the face of insecurity, and generally are in a singular battle with the person in the mirror. Your willingness to have compassion for that person and do what it takes to change are proportional to the success you will have, as it is a natural law.

On to my deals. I have two running at the moment. That deal I takled about last post got accepted at 27.5K so it pays to be aggressive.

I plan to sell it for ~45 or so, and will be a nice payday. The seller wanted us to put up a 2.5K deposit, which was no problem, but the guys I am working with said they would put it up to show the are for real.

May is shaping up to be an awesome month, and I am riding hard to get another contract by next weekend. Including these I am looking to have 25 deals done by the end of the year, netting 8K per deal on average.

If I get another by the end of the week, ill have 22 to go.

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  1. Great post, Jerry.

    Congrats on the deals. You're going to have a banner year this year.