Tuesday, May 12, 2009


In the groove.

The deal with the pictures still need to post is rollin right along. Weve got a buyer thats likes it as a rehab, so as soon as she can get into it we should be set. The owner doesnt want to give us a key, so im going to have the guys that im working with talk to him and see if they can arrange something.

They do alot with private people, much more than I do so i have no problem giving them a crack. Plus hes a decent guy to deal with.

I got a call from my agent today about another thing thats a package of crappy reo's in South Philly. More southwest than south really, but still good deals if they can be cheap enough.

One has a philly basement. A basement completely filled with cheap consumer crap. Toys, gym equipment, clothes, garbage, boxes, pet stuff and just everything else you can imagine.

The bank took this back at sheriff sale for 24, had it at 35 now its 32....been sitting there for 611 goddamn days. Its worth maybe 10, so im going to make an offer of like 30K on the whole package of 5 and see what they say. The other stuff is the same kind of crap.

Normally I wouldnt but working with a big pool of buyers is a different story.

Been staying super consistent, but havnt made it to the gym since Sunday, so thats will change the day after tommorrow.

Good stuff.

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  1. Yay! Groovin'! Hey you could auction the stuff off in the basement. Or sell it in bulk to an ebayer on craigslist. Lunch money! I take it you will not be meeting me in Vegas :( I'm getting the van loaded right now!! Woo Hoo! Learnin' Learnin' Learnin'.