Monday, May 25, 2009



One word with such a profound meaning on your business, but more importantly, is the impact it has on life in general. For business is not life.

Do you persevere? Are you consistent in your perseverance?

In alot of ways I think of the movie Seabiscuit when I think about my life so far. The stuff I have going on in my life right now is a function of my perseverance.

Before I go into my post about my deals let me just say this.

Perseverance is not done outside of yourself, and is not done with yourself as a complete ally. More often than not--for me at least--the perseverance was necessary because of my own resistance. I had to overcome myself, and in a very real sense, I had to challenge myself enough that I could eventually overcome myself.

Alot of what i do can be made into an analogy with working out. As Arnold says, it all started in the gym, and the same is true for me. Building a quality physique is very similar to building a quality business. Its lonely, its tiring, and it requires dedication many have available, but few are willing to really work at.

You must persevere in the face of plateau, in the face of insecurity, and generally are in a singular battle with the person in the mirror. Your willingness to have compassion for that person and do what it takes to change are proportional to the success you will have, as it is a natural law.

On to my deals. I have two running at the moment. That deal I takled about last post got accepted at 27.5K so it pays to be aggressive.

I plan to sell it for ~45 or so, and will be a nice payday. The seller wanted us to put up a 2.5K deposit, which was no problem, but the guys I am working with said they would put it up to show the are for real.

May is shaping up to be an awesome month, and I am riding hard to get another contract by next weekend. Including these I am looking to have 25 deals done by the end of the year, netting 8K per deal on average.

If I get another by the end of the week, ill have 22 to go.

Monday, May 18, 2009


The string continues.

Got another sweet counter today in the same neighborhood. About 50% of list.

Similar numbers.

The other deal is getting sweeter. It nice at 33, but I went back to the seller and recountered at 27. Below my original offer, but hey you never know.

I wouldnt have dropped so far if they had not dropped so far initially, but now that I know there's blood in the water my shark comes out to play.

I cant tell you how imoprtant it is for everyone to be out in their market stirring things up trying like mad to get deals. They are droppin like flies, folks...not we just have to get them to the table. Shouldnt be a problem though.

I had a showing for one of my houses today and had seven buyers come. Pretty darn good stuff.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Well I was right, it is an awesome week.

A couple days ago, I sent out a bunch of bids and got a super sweet counter. Listed for ~40days at 50. bid 30. Countered at 33, or 32 I cant remember.

Stuff in the area sells for up to 160, but on the block...and philly is very block by block...that sells for ~120-130. That was an FHA sale too so not too high end. Its a solid block. Long term residents.

It might need 40K to get it super sharp. With the right contractor it could be done for 30K.

Today was also the group call for my mastermind group. Man what a group! Were all knockin it dead out there in this "crappy" market.

Steve Cook is having what looks to me like an awesome event over here

Check it out and then get to work!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


In the groove.

The deal with the pictures still need to post is rollin right along. Weve got a buyer thats likes it as a rehab, so as soon as she can get into it we should be set. The owner doesnt want to give us a key, so im going to have the guys that im working with talk to him and see if they can arrange something.

They do alot with private people, much more than I do so i have no problem giving them a crack. Plus hes a decent guy to deal with.

I got a call from my agent today about another thing thats a package of crappy reo's in South Philly. More southwest than south really, but still good deals if they can be cheap enough.

One has a philly basement. A basement completely filled with cheap consumer crap. Toys, gym equipment, clothes, garbage, boxes, pet stuff and just everything else you can imagine.

The bank took this back at sheriff sale for 24, had it at 35 now its 32....been sitting there for 611 goddamn days. Its worth maybe 10, so im going to make an offer of like 30K on the whole package of 5 and see what they say. The other stuff is the same kind of crap.

Normally I wouldnt but working with a big pool of buyers is a different story.

Been staying super consistent, but havnt made it to the gym since Sunday, so thats will change the day after tommorrow.

Good stuff.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Hola amigos

Its going to be a great week. Ive got some papers to fax tommorrow for this deal and I know this week is going to be productive and awesome!

Press on!

Friday, May 8, 2009



I locked up a deal a couple days ago, and looks like ill clear 6K on it. Techinically im clearling 12, but its a split and its pretty hands off.

Got a decent counter on somthing else im going out to see tommorrow. It pays to be consistent and focused.

I have had times when ive been inconsistent as they come, but you can always change the way you do things. If you just keep at it. What I have been doing differently here lately has been being accountable on a daily basis to get the stuff done that needs to get done.

Im going to become a machine at challenging myself to do better and get more done.