Thursday, May 14, 2009


Well I was right, it is an awesome week.

A couple days ago, I sent out a bunch of bids and got a super sweet counter. Listed for ~40days at 50. bid 30. Countered at 33, or 32 I cant remember.

Stuff in the area sells for up to 160, but on the block...and philly is very block by block...that sells for ~120-130. That was an FHA sale too so not too high end. Its a solid block. Long term residents.

It might need 40K to get it super sharp. With the right contractor it could be done for 30K.

Today was also the group call for my mastermind group. Man what a group! Were all knockin it dead out there in this "crappy" market.

Steve Cook is having what looks to me like an awesome event over here

Check it out and then get to work!

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