Friday, June 5, 2009


Good stuff.

Like I said earlier its all about persevering. I have been impressed with Steph (as usual) because she is really taking charge of her life. Awesome to watch.

My cleveland deal, the one I smoked the seller on the price looks like itll be tighter than we thought, by price is 27.5 and my best offer is 30 which im taking.

Looks like I have another one in the cage as well, nice rental over in West Philly. Listed for 45 offered 20 countered at 25. I have to smoke these people on the prie as well, as my strike price is 15 because of the shell next door.

About 6 mos ago the home next door caught on fire. Didnt know that when I made the offer initially and 20 would have been a solid strike price.

The home needs very little, biggest is a recoat on the roof. I actually thought there was someone living there when I walked in. If it needed more it would be a pass.

The thing was UC already but fell through when they couldnt get insurance b/c of the shell.

We are going to try and get the junker next door, as my agent does some kind of thing with the insurance if they had it on there.

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